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Leading idea

“Tango Malambo” ®“klein aber fein” – small but mighty, is an independent music label with a different, distinctive and unconventional vision of classical music.

The label is now developing projects with several artists, raging from repertoire out of the ordinary classical repertoire to contemporary music, Jazz, Tango, Crossover, Pop and Film Music.

The words Tango and Malambo refer to two fundamental elements of Argentinian culture: Tango is the well-known dance, which is accompanied by the music from the metropolis of Buenos Aires. Malambo is a Gaucho dance with fiery rhythms, which represents the country’s folkloric music.

The piano which appears on the logo is the centre of the label’s repertoire and represents the founder’s artistic activity.

Leading idea

In times of globalisation and multi-culturalism it is important to build bridges between culture, the media and the public offering high quality and innovative products.